Accordion book form

The Beginning of Illumination
The Beginning of Illumination

The e*process creates material that has a surprising amount of strength and integrity on its own, as well as being easy to manipulate. This accordion book, titled “The Beginning of Illumination,” is made of panels about 4″ square stitched on a sewing machine using regular thread. The feather forms at the top are bound on hardened copper wire “quills” inserted into the edge binding. This was part of the Kalamazoo Book Arts Illustrated Accordion show in 2014.

E*graphics as mobiles

mandala suspension
Mandala suspension

This encaustigraphic mandala leads off a suspension of playful pieces made from a variety of materials. The e*graphics process combines well with other materials, including beads, polymer clay (especially translucent varieties), driftwood, wire, and found objects. Although the main circle is 8″ in diameter, it is extremely lightweight and moves beautifully in the breeze.