Creating ever taller suspensions— I love the way previous work can be used with recently created pieces and reconfigured in infinite new combinations.

Very Luminous Array prototype

The tallest e*graphics grouping to date! Catching the glow of the afternoon sun, these suspensions measure over 6′. {Note: these were the first of the creations that eventually evolved into VLA (Very Luminous Array) installation I created for the Permanent Collection of the Encaustic Art Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico. See how the final piece turned out here.}

E*graphic suspension array
A gathering of e*graphic suspensions in the afternoon light.

Early Light

Photographing e*graphics can be tricky… they come alive when the light shines through them, but that same illumination can take over the light meter on a camera. Early and late light (along with using the camera’s manual settings) offer moments to capture a creation at its best and this morning’s sun cooperated beautifully.

Early morning light illuminates an e*graphic suspension
Early morning light illuminates an e*graphic suspension