E*graphic earrings
Encaustigraphic earrings

E*graphics are so lightweight, they’re perfect for use in jewelry, especially earrings. Combine that with the fact that you can make any shape or image you like, in any colorway, and you have an amazingly versatile new addition to the many materials used for personal adornment.

Old to new

old-to-newE*graphics are great for repurposing artwork. On the left is a mandala I drew more than 30 years ago. It’s faded, but photographed and revived in Photoshop (including inverting the colors), then made into an encaustigraph, it has new life as window art. This one is about 8″ in diameter, the maximum size I could easily print on a single sheet of paper. At larger sizes, e*graphics can sometimes curve slightly, so I made a copper frame to hold it in suspension. Another option that’s even easier is to attach an e*graphic directly to a window with one of the colorful low-tack tapes available now. Easy to make, fun to share, and beautiful in any light…