E*graphics in the fresh air

I’m Elizabeth King and while I love to experiment with all kinds of art materials, my favorite process is the one I invented that you see on this site: encaustigraphics, or e*graphics for short.

For most of my artistic life, I created works in two-dimensional (2-D) mediums: drawings, prints, collages and graphic design (you can see more of my professional work at my other site

My personal art began evolving from drawing and printmaking to exploring intuitive sculptural processes with a focus on light, color and natural materials. When I moved “out of the frame” into working in three dimensions (3-D), I began making what I called  suspensions — artworks named both for the way they hang, floating in space, and for “suspension of disbelief”— the act of faith that often seems necessary to both live and create. For me, color and visual art are languages with roots to a deeper joy of life and I’m inspired by the innovative, playful art of Alexander Calder and Lee Bontecou, as well as the insightful work of Carl Jung, whose mid-life artistic explorations continue to offer timeless keys into the creative process.

I’ve taught the process to enthusiastic students, and my favorite part of teaching the e*graphic process is seeing how others translate the material with their own vision and interests. You can visit my Teaching page to learn a bit more; for other questions, email me at <encaustigraphics at> (convert the “at” to the typical @ sign). Thanks for visiting!