For most of my art making life, I created in 2-dimensional media: prints, drawings, and graphic design (you can see more of my work at my other site ekingdesign.com). When I moved “out of the frame” into working sculpturally, I began considering how a piece is seen from all sides. My next challenge was to free my work from the need to sit on a surface. I began making what I called suspensions, named both for the way they hang in space and for “suspension of disbelief”—the act of faith that often seems necessary to both live and create. As my experiments with suspended works evolved,  I found myself moving again, this time from opacity to translucency, using materials and forms that in some way allowed the transmission of light.

I love to experiment with new materials and have worked with silk tissue (a thin Japanese paper) over wire frames; translucent and glow-in-the-dark polymer clays, and paper painted with resin and transparent inks. My favorite process, though, is the one you see on this site: encaustigraphics, or e*graphics for short. The colors in this new material simply glow; hung in a window or from the edge of a lamp, their beauty is magical to me.

If you’re interested in corresponding, you can send an email to <encaustigraphics at gmail.com> (convert the “at” to the typical @ sign). Thanks for visiting!