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Encaustigraphic teaching information, with class photos

Super Simple Sculpture

Super Simple Sculpture
E*graphics are so lightweight, almost anything can be used for a base, even an acorn cap.

I’ve created an advanced class for encaustigraphics that carries the medium into moveable and three dimensional forms. One of my favorite new ways to play with e*graphics is Super Simple Sculpture, where the light weight of e*graphics allows you to use almost anything as a base. Here, driftwood and a small stone, or even an acorn cap, with light wire support, allow free improvisation to experiment with ideas and make a small village of playful artworks.

Various accordion forms

Altered lotteria cards make up a sample accordion book
Altered lotteria cards make up a sample accordion book

Encaustigraphics are an interesting medium for accordion books. You can easily bind pages or sections with sewing (either using a machine or by hand) or taping (colorful washi tapes or even “invisible” tape), but the material also scores cleanly to create crisp folds. Below are two examples created for an upcoming class at Kalamazoo Book Arts Center—the first shows a layout that uses the idea of discrete “pages” or sections, and the second features a long flow of imagery divided intuitively and then cut and shaped to create a very sculptural book.

Vintage matchbox covers make up a small accordion book.
A continuous flow of imagery is an alternative to individual pages or panels for an accordion structure. Creative shaping adds to the interest.