Creative base options

Bases from found objects
Found objects make great bases for encaustigraphs.

The e*graphics intro class is upcoming on February 29 at Kalamazoo Book Arts and we’ll be exploring both flat and dimensional forms. A great bridge between the two is to display your 2D e*graphic creations with a creative base.

Nearly anything can be repurposed as a  base for displaying your e*graphics. Whether your style is rough or refined, large or small, the light weight of e*graphics allow them to float or be captured by minimalist frames. Below are some examples— the top photo shows a woodtype block with a heavy copper wire bent into a spiral and an oak leaf held by a cast pyramid; the photo below shows frames made from plaster, polymer clay and twisted  roots from the beach.

A variety of base styles for e*grapics
A variety of base options for encaustigraphs, including natural and cast materials.