I teach the encaustigraphic process in both one and two day class formats. Classes may be structured around either flat or sculptural forms, depending on interest. All students receive a detailed manual for the process, and the first half of a single day class focuses on making the e*graphic material itself, with the second half of the day aimed at ways to use e*graphics to make a variety of artworks and structures. For more complex forms, like mobiles, a second day can be scheduled. Participants work with sample materials I provide, but can also bring their own images on a flash drive to create original content and forms. I’ve taught sculptors, jewelers, and book artists as well as lovers of all things paper and process. It’s quite exciting for students to see their own work translated into this new material. If you are a venue or organization interested in sponsoring me to teach, please contact me at <encaustigraphics at gmail.com> (convert the “at” to the typical @ sign).

"Trees Are Poems" book
“Trees Are Poems” book, featured in the Kalamazoo Book Arts Illustrated Accordion show, 2015.