Shifting Perspectives

Spirit Released, an encaustigraphic sculpture
“Spirit Released” encaustigraphic sculpture; 63″h x 7″d x 7″w

My sculptural piece  “Spirit Released,” was accepted into the Museum of Encaustic Art’s “Shifting Perspectives” show.

My accompanying artist’s statement read:
We have survived a great deal in the past year— myriad challenges of pandemic fears, environmental chaos, and what seems like daily disorienting revelations and upheavals of the known world that leave us all with feelings of grief, bewilderment and deep uncertainty.
But as only a forest fire can break some seeds open to release new life, my deepest hope is that this is a moment of rebirth for us as stewards and caretakers of the planet and each other. 
May we each release our highest self and then reunite to envision, invent and create an even more beautiful and sustainable world… a world of joy and abundance that is open to and respects all of Life.

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