E*graphics intro class Feb. 2020

Small scale sculpture made from encaustigraphs
Small scale sculpture experiments for the Winter 2020 class

We played with a variety of ways to use encaustigraphics in an introductory class offered at the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center on February 29, 2020.

We began by learning how to make the e*graphics with provided prints, and then branched out into using the material to create “super simple sculptures” with fun and easy techniques. We experimented with the many ways the material can be used— for sculpture, window art, books, jewelry and more— and then we worked with the students’ own images (digital photographs and scans of artwork) to translate those into various creations. I also demoed how to construct large forms like those shown on the home page of this site.

Great group of students and a fun creative time. If social distancing allows, I’ll be offering the class again in November 2020.

Queen in the Garden