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Posts featuring the wide variety of forms that can be created using encaustigraphics or e-graphics.

Snow fun

Just for fun… e*graphic suspensions with a companion cairn in the snow.

A little picture of e*graphics out in the natural world, just for fun. I do love the colors against the snow. It’s wonderful to be able to add color to the surroundings when in the midst of grey and cold.

Still growing…

Me with my largest works to date—human sized!

Thanks to my friend Jean who took this photo before the BIG snows fell in Michigan. It’s been quite fun to see how e*graphics can be used in very large works, as well as in the smaller, more intimate forms of jewelry, books and window sculpture.



Creating ever taller suspensions— I love the way previous work can be used with recently created pieces and reconfigured in infinite new combinations.

Very Large Array prototype

Well, perhaps not extremely large, but the biggest and tallest e*graphics grouping yet! Catching the glow of the afternoon sun, the tallest suspensions measure over 6′. {Note on March 13, 2018: these were the first of the large creations that eventually evolved into the VLA piece I created for the Permanent Collection of the Encaustic Art Insitute in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Photos of that installation are soon to come.]

E*graphic suspension array
A gathering of e*graphic suspensions in the afternoon light.

Early Light

Photographing e*graphics can be tricky… they come alive when the light shines through them, but that same illumination can take over the light meter on a camera. Early and late light (along with using the camera’s manual settings) offer moments to capture a creation at its best and this morning’s sun cooperated beautifully.

Early morning light illuminates an e*graphic suspension
Early morning light illuminates an e*graphic suspension


Joyful——an encaustigraphic suspension

This new suspension was just sent off to the Encaustic Art Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I’m very excited to have this piece, titled “Joyful,” on display. Attachment points are sewn with fishing swivels to give it more movement, with the circumference of the top portion at 4.5″, and an overall length of 48″, giving it a long, graceful look.


E*graphics out-of-doors! I’ve found they can fly pretty vigorously in strong winds, so I used painted stones for some additional weight at the bottom. Love when the light comes through them as they spin in the breeze.

4 spinners
Four spinners


Still working on improving e*graphic feathers… getting closer! These are sewn to hand-formed copper quills and can stand on their own, which offers some fun display options.

Spring array

After the grey of winter, the colors of e*graphic suspensions against the newly greening trees are a feast for the eyes and heart.

E*graphic suspensions outdoors