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E*graphic earrings
Encaustigraphic earrings

E*graphics are so lightweight, they’re perfect for use in jewelry, especially earrings. Combine that with the fact that you can make any shape or image you like, in any colorway, and you have an amazingly versatile new addition to the many materials used for personal adornment.

Old to new

old-to-newE*graphics are great for repurposing artwork. On the left is a mandala I drew more than 30 years ago. It’s faded, but photographed and revived in Photoshop (including inverting the colors), then made into an encaustigraph, it has new life as window art. This one is about 8″ in diameter, the maximum size I could easily print on a single sheet of paper. At larger sizes, e*graphics can sometimes curve slightly, so I made a copper frame to hold it in suspension. Another option that’s even easier is to attach an e*graphic directly to a window with one of the colorful low-tack tapes available now. Easy to make, fun to share, and beautiful in any light…

Window mandala

Going larger! This e*graphic construction is made from four sections, sewn together to make a window-filling 18″ circle. It’s a real hit of color, even on a cloudy day.


E*graphic garland

While encaustigraphics have great standalone strength, they can easily be joined by sewing, either with a machine or by hand. This garland is about three feet long (each leaf shape is about 3″ x .5″) and shows a great way to use your scraps to make something fun.

E*graphic garland



…and fantasy feathers

It’s always problematic to use real feathers in art— The Migratory Bird Act forbids the collection or use of feathers, eggs, or nests of any migratory species. While many artists, including myself, are delighted by the find of a stray feather, its use isn’t an option. That’s why I was excited to realize that with e*graphics, I can make any kind of feather I desire, in any colorway or in any size! I’ve made them miniature for jewelry, and large for sculpture. More photos of e*graphic feathers and their uses are sure to be on the horizon!


Fantasy leaves

I love making these fantasy leaf forms and attaching them to driftwood branches I find on the shore of Lake Michigan. The colors glow, and they will last, if not forever, certainly longer than true leaves! They bring together beauty and playfulness in a way I always hope for.


A small gift…

This is a tiny piece I made for a friend who sews aprons. Overall dimension is about 6″ and the tiny hanger was made from 24 gauge wire.

Tiny e*graphic apron on handmade hanger
Tiny e*graphic apron on handmade hanger

Petal forms

Petal forms
Petal forms

These flower forms were made by layering hand-drawn outlines with various colored backgrounds, printing, and then turning them into e-graphics. They were cut into the flower shapes and linked to one another with hair-fine copper wire, then suspended from a hook looped through a butterfly clip fastened to the window frame.