Big Kiss (+ a hug)

I’ve been intrigued with the possibilities of remesh (the steel grid material used to reinforce concrete forms), so I purchased some to play with. After cutting the large piece into various frame shapes, I found creating the digital files to fit was its own challenge, but I was pleased with this first try. Each square opening is 6″ and the “hug” is a retention ring (found on the inside of hubcaps). Found materials are always a fun way to stretch the imagination.

Big Kiss, made from encaustigraphics sewn onto a remesh frame
Big Kiss— encaustigraphics sewn onto a remesh frame, with an added “hug” from a hubcab retention ring.
"Big Kiss" hanging outdoors.
“Big Kiss” hanging outdoors. Encaustigraphics sewn on frame made from remesh and added retention ring “hug.”